Long Term Support

Eclipse is well known for being an open source community that embraces commercial adoption.  As your customers come to depend on products built on Eclipse technology, the ability to maintain these products through their complete life cycle becomes an important part of your value proposition.  Maintenance is a major part of the life cycle of a software project. Eclipse LTS enables long term maintenance for Eclipse technologies. Stay on top of regular software updates to avoid problems upfront. React to problems that impede your users.

The Problem

Are you using Eclipse technology such as EMF, RCP, EclipseLink as an underlying platform for your business critical applications? Have you or your customers been using this solution already for years? Then it might be the right time to secure yourself from possible system breaks due to a bug in the underlying Eclipse components or a change in the environment..

Here are your options:

  • You can rely on the community - but Eclipse projects offer service releases only for 9 months. After that point in time committers have to weigh the risks, introduced by bug fixes, against their benefit. 
  • You can do it yourself - all Eclipse technologies are Open Source, but do you understand the code, can you build the binaries?
  • You can ask for maintenance and support from professionals -  and this is where LTS comes into the picture. 

The Solution

Eclipse LTS is a collaborative effort of Eclipse users, contributors and the Eclipse Foundation. It provides an eco-system for Long-Term Support of Eclipse technologies. 

It features:

  • LTS Marketplace (Access to subject matter experts - companies or individuals that will service you)
  • Access to maintenance builds
  • Access to fixed source code
  • IP Compliance
  • Custom fixes (on request)

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The group is led by the following organizations

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