PolarSys is an Eclipse Industry Working Group created by large industry players and by tools providers to collaborate on the creation and support of Open Source tools for the development of embedded systems.

Domains such as aerospacedefense and securityenergyhealth caretelecommunicationstransportation must meet several requirements.

The Polarsys Working Group envisions an industry that will support the following pronciples:

  • Open Innovation: Ensuring the highest levels of productivity, reliability, safety, service, and performance implies a continuous effort of research and development in software tools.
  • Computer Assistance and Automation: The numerous and complex operations required to develop and maintain industrial systems imply a high level of automation based on software tools.
  • Certification (e.g. DO178, ISO26262, ECSS 40, etc.): The development of safety-critical and embedded systems must comply with strict regulations impacting both the final product and the development process and tools used to build them.
  • Very Long Term Support: The tool chain needs to remain operational for the life cycle of the products; many industries need more than 10 years, and some need up to 80 years.