Steering Committee Meeting - January 10, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 10:00
  • Eclipse Converge / Devoxx conference
  • LTS Getting Started page
  • Listing available fixes on LTS website
  • LTS Steering Committee membership

Eclipse Converge / Devoxx - March 20 - 23 in San Jose

  • LTS will not have any activities at this combined conference. The Eclipse portion is only 1 day. We do not expect to have any LTS steering committee members in attendance.

LTS Getting Started Information

  • We're working on a Getting Stared page on the LTS website. It will include information on how to join LTS, how to access the Central Forge, how to set up a private forge, etc.

Listing Available Fixes on the LTS website

  • We are working on a process to tag all fixes that go into the LTS Central forge, and then we'll put a bugzilla query on the LTS website that will bring up the list. This will make it easy for users to see what fixes are available, and will help demonstrate the value of joining LTS.

LTS Steering Committee Membership

  • Bosch has joined the LTS Steering Committee - Welcome!
Dial In Numbers: 

This meeting is for LTS Steering Committee Members Only


This meeting is for LTS Steering Committee Members Only

  • Lisa Lasher - IBM
  • Kit Lo - IBM
  • Jyothi Shivashankar - Bosch
  • Rahul Chandrashekar - Bosch
  • Ralph Mueller - Eclipse Foundation