Steering Committee Meeting: July 11, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 10:00
  • LTS Steering Committee logistics

LTS Working Sessions - should we change them?

  • Tuesday working session are meeting every week, and are limited to Steering Committee members and their employees.  The original intent was to work out the operational details of the LTS infrastructure.  
  • Discussion on changing the LTS working sessions:
    • Should we change the meeting frequency?  SC agreed to suspend the meetings until September due to the vacation season. We will move to bi-weekly starting in September.
    • Should we open up the meetings to be public, announce them on the LTS site, and let others attend? SC agreed that for now the working sessions should remain private and each SC member can bring in invited experts as needed depending on content.

LTS Web Properties
We historically have 2 public channels - and They are currently not in sync.  Proposal - drop and move appropriate content to the public SC will vote on this proposal in the next SC meeting, if anyone objects please discuss in the SC mailing list.

The Eclipse Platform team is working on their retrospective for their last release and part of that details the impact to them of moving to CBI. This is valuable feedback to the LTS team and we will invite member of the Platform team come to attend an upcoming LTS SC meeting for an experience report.

Dial In Numbers: 

This meeting is for LTS Steering Committee Members Only.


This meeting is for LTS Steering Committee Members Only.

  • Pat Huff - IBM
  • Andrew Ross - Eclipse
  • Jutta Bindewald - SAP
  • Jochen Krause - Innoopract