Steering Committee Meeting: October 1, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 10:00
  • EclipseCon planning
  • Proposed update to LTS charter for guest memberships

EclipseCon Planning

  • Poster Session - Wednesday 15:00 - 18:00 on the main exhibition floor.   We will be the only topic in that time slot.   Posters:
  1. LTS overview - same poster that we used in France
  2. LTS Infrastructure - We'll use the graphic from the LTS overview presentation that shows the workflow between forges.
  3. LTS Business Value - draft has been distributed for review / input
  4. LTS Market (dating service) - Jutta will send out a draft for review
  • Enlist Maintenance Providers
    • Discussions are progressing with several potential maintenance providers
    • Posting for the LTS mailing list to advertise our plans for EclipseCon, inviting people to attend our sessions, and to sign up to be on our Maintenance Providers web page - draft of this note is in progress
  • Trial (Guest) Membership
    • We've agreed on a 6 month guest membership, as long as they are already an Eclipse member.  
  • LTS Steering Committee meeting at EclipseCon
    • Scheduled for Tuesday 15:00 - 17:00.  The room (office) has been reserved.
  • BoF session
    • Scheduled for Wednesday 19:00 - 20:00.  
    • Jutta will do a quick version of the LTS talk that she submitted, and we'll use this as a conversation starter about LTS.
  • Handouts - we have decided not to create pamphlets, since we will have a QR code on the poster that will point people to the LTS website.
  • LTS Website - we need to be sure this is up to date.
    • A proposed update to the About Us page has been sent out for review.  Removed some of the boilerplate info about Eclipse, and added Guest Membership.   
    • We should create Event entries for our EclipseCon sessions (poster and BoF) to advertise them on our Events page.


Proposed change to LTS charter to allow trial memberships
Jutta sent out a proposed update to the Membership section of the charter.   The full charter is here:  We will have an electronic vote to get Steering Committee approval of the charter change, and then it will have to be approved by the Eclipse Foundation.

Dial In Numbers: 

This meeting is for LTS Steering Committee Members Only.


This meeting is for LTS Steering Committee Members Only.

  • Jutta Bindewald - SAP
  • Pat Huff - IBM
  • Lisa Lasher - IBM
  • Mike Haering - CA Technologies