Steering Committee Meeting: October 29, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 13:00

LTS Steering Committee Face-to-Face meeting at EclipseCon Europe

  • Approval of Minutes
  • Discussion on non-CBI projects
  • LTS Steering Committee leadership

Approval of Minutes:
Vote for August 22 , Sept 5 and Sept 19 abridged minutes unanimously approved
Non-CBI projects
RESOLVED, that the LTS Steering Committee approves the inclusion of projects built using technologies other than Maven & Tycho. EMO staff do not support the builds of these projects. LTS Members need to support building them.
The LTS readiness documentation will be updated to allow projects provided that they:

  1. Store code and build scripts in git, and use Gerrit.
  2. Use the existing LTS infrastructure.
  3. Employ the same workflows as other LTS projects.

The motion has been unanimously approved.
Naming Conventions
LTS needs a naming and numbering convention for both company private and LTS Central build artifacts.
Individual builds from LTS members follow a naming convention for the Qualifier part of the version to indicate the organization that created/requested the binary and the creation date
Following the rules of the Eclipse development process and IP policy, builds from LTS can be signed with the Eclipse Foundation signing service.
Tentative: Maintenance committers get access to all LTS projects and bugzilla security issues for all projects.
LTS Process Documentation
We need to create a process document for LTS, including the workflow, definition of roles and access privileges
LTS Steering Committee Leadership
Jochen Krause is stepping down as a co-chair of the LTS working group. The steering committee thanks Jochen for his participation and leadership in LTS.
Jutta Bindewald nominated to become co-chair of the LTS working group, and unanimously approved.

Dial In Numbers: 

This meeting is for LTS Steering Committee Members Only.


This meeting is for LTS Steering Committee Members Only.

  • Jochen Krause - EclipseSource
  • Jutta Bindewald - SAP
  • Paul Lipton - CA Technologies
  • Pierre Gaufillet - Airbus, Polarsys IWG
  • Pat Huff - IBM
  • Andrew Ross - Eclipse Foundation
  • Mike Milinkovich - Eclipse Foundation