How Does It Work

Once you have identified the problem in your code, you will stop by the Eclipse LTS Marketplace. Here you chose a maintenance provider that is a subject matter expert with regard to your faulty component.

Once you have discussed the business terms with the provider, he will work on solving your issues and provide a new version of the component to you. The shared Eclipse LTS infrastrucure provides the tools and functions that he neeeds to integrate and test the fix to your problem.

The benefits of this approach are obvious:

  • duplication of work can be avoided by sharing of bug fixes
  • the cost of operating the LTS infrastructure can be shared
  • chosing from a variety of suppliers drives the price point down
  • finding help is made easy  in the Eclipse LTS marketplace
  • suppliers can present themselves in the Eclipse LTS marketplace

For more information, read about

  • the roles in the Eclipse LTS eco-system: maintenance provider, self-service provider
  • the functions of the Eclipse LTS infrastructure