Long Term Support

Eclipse is well known for being an open source community that embraces commercial adoption.  As your customers come to depend on products built on Eclipse technology, the ability to maintain these products through their complete life cycle becomes an important part of your value proposition.   Maintenance is a major part of the life cycle of a software project. Eclipse LTS enables long term maintenance for Eclipse technologies. Stay on top of regular software updates to avoid problems upfront. React to problems that impede your users.

The Problem

You are using Eclipse technology as an underlying platform for your business critical applications.

You or your customer are using the solution for years. Then your system breaks due to a bug in the underlying Eclipse components, due to a new feature, an operating system upgrade or some other reason.

Now what? Eclipse code is open source. You can either fix the code yourself (which isn't really easy), rely on the community or  ask others for help and support. This is where the Long Term Support Initiative comes into the picture.

The Solution

Eclipse users and contributors and the Eclipse Foundation are working together to create an eco-system for Long-Term Support of the Eclipse code.

Within this eco-system, you will find many companies or individuals that will service you. Access to the right organization is available in the LTS Marketplace.

The advantage over doing it yourself or working outside of the LTS eco-system is that your service provider (who should be a member of the LTS Working Group) is a subject matter expert and has access to existing issues. He will provide you with reliable new builds, aggregated and tested in the shared Eclipse Long-Term Support infrastructure.

How it works

LTS Market Place


Assume you or your customer are experiencing an issue in an application based on Eclipse technology. The Eclipse LTS Marketplace helps you to identify and engage a suitable maintenance provider (P1).  You report your problem to P1 who uses the LTS infrastructure to analyze and fix the bug, test and build the corrected version. You receive the updated binary from P1.

But P1 does not only deliver the fix to you but stores his fix also in the LTS GIT repository, thus making it available to all other maintenance providers. So if another customer is reporting the same bug, any LTS maintenance provider can deliver the updated binary without wasting time doing analysis and fixing once again.

LTS Business Opportunities

As a maintenance Provider you will have access to all maintenance builds, source code fixes and binaries. Additionally the proven  Eclipse IP process minimizes your risk regarding IP Compliance. 

The LTS Marketplace provides an easy way for you to make you services available. You can advertise your services to the broader community. Customers can easily contact you and negotiate an agreement for support.

The benefits of joining LTS as a maintenance provider are significant:

  • Eclipse LTS Marketplace
    • New market in the Eclipse Marketplace - an existing and vibrant community
    • Easy connection to your potential customers
  • LTS infrastructure
    • Source Code (GIT)
    • Code Review (Gerrit)
    • Build (Hudson)
    • Signed binaries
    • Central and private branches for maintenance builds and custom fixes
  • LTS community
    • Shared cost across all LTS members
    • Sharing and aggregation of bug fixes
    • IP compliance

For more information consult the LTS membership info pages or send us an email.